Image courtesy of stock images / FreeDigitalPhotos.netSmart Energy Finance is the brain-child of a group of experiencedcommercial financiers with more than 50 years collective experience setting commercial finance deals of all types.

Cars, front-end loaders, high pressure pumps and valves, paper guillotines, floor plan…the list goes on. Their vision to establish Smart Energy Finance has been driven by their client focus, and commitment to making renewable energy work for business. They pride themselves on their responsiveness to vendor or end-user needs, and finding a way to achieve all parties’ objectives.

What We Believe

Smart Energy Finance is a values driven business. We think our clients should know what we stand for, and why we get up every morning, motivated and excited to embrace the new day…and it’s not the coffee!

  • The Customer: The only value of knowledge and experience is in its application to the benefit of our customers. We are responsive, pleasant, and thoughtful business people who put the needs of our customers first.
  • The Process: We know how best to get deals, even tricky ones, done. And it comes back to the process we have developed for understanding your needs and acquiring the information that will see your application succeed. To that end we are committed to being straight with you about your chances of success and the terms best suited to your needs.
  • The Outcome: Ultimately, we are results driven. Your success is the foundation of our business, and so we relentlessly pursue achieving your    desired outcome by matching your deal with the funding source our knowledge and experience tells us is most likely to say yes.
  • Future Generations: We all have to live together on this planet, and while we are not politically motivated, or amateur climate scientists, the value to our children and their children in finding and using renewable energy cannot be ignored. Our business plan is to make the acquisition of these sources of energy attainable to all, and help provide future generations with energy options.

You can check out our products here, or contact us today to discuss yours or your clients’ needs further. We can find a solution for you.